Every once in a while, there is a breed that is born that can do nearly
anything, a breed of horse so versatile that owners are excited to be able
to venture into all the equine pursuits without needing to change their
mount.  It is not unusual for a Kiger owner to trail cattle to new pasture
one day and do English equitation the next.

The Kiger Mustang, in general, is a quick learning equine with smooth
gaits and incredible minds.  While Kigers retain knowledge well, Kigers do
mature slowly and are best when started under saddle as late two-year
olds or even three year olds.
We are excited to bring you the Kiger Mustang or as it is more
commonly known, the Kiger.  The Kiger is a hard-worker, giving their
owners 100% at any task asked of them.  Kigers are well suited for many
different disciplines.  Kigers, with proper training and guidance can
achieve just about anything that their owners/riders set out to

We invite you to visit our Kigers.  If we don't have what you are looking
for, we might know someone who does, so don't hesitate to drop us an
email with the specifics of your 'dream Kiger'.  
We appreciate all of our Kiger owners that have purchased horses
from us over the years.  It is because of your love and dedication to
your special Kiger that you have made us proud as a Kiger breeder
and owner.  

All of our Kiger owners deserve a big pat on the back for all that they
do with their Kigers from the trail rider, to the endurance racer, to the
back country rider, to the cow horse rider, to the amateur reiner.  
Thank you for sharing your life with a "Karisma" Kiger and making
them into the fantastic equine they are today.
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Owners:  Janet Mendez, Jillian McIntosh & Norman McIntosh

Breeders of Kiger Mustangs with magnificent minds & movement with
preservation of original breed type, correct conformation and color in mind.
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